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Industry Solutions

Huarui produces a broad range of products, from die cut honeycomb core for EMI shielding vent panel and high strength honeycomb for energy absorbers, to standard honeycomb panels and double curved honeycomb panels for buildings and high speed train.

With strong development ability, Huarui is always looking for cost effective solutions for our customers and searing new ways to increase value of the products we offer.

Huarui has established long term relationship of cooperation with a few famous companies on laser television, EMI shielding, solar industry, rail industry and exterior cladding under customers’ management system and quality standard. Meanwhile, Huarui is working with universities and research institutes to step in the field of space exploration.

Due to the features of light weight, high strength, fire resistance, sound& heat insulation, recyclable and other outstanding performance in the construction industry, aluminum honeycomb panel has been widely used in the airport, railway stations, shopping malls, high-rise buildings and other high-end constructions. As a green building material, aluminum honeycomb panel is becoming popular in Architectural Decorations.

At the same time, in the assembly-building industry, the future aluminum honeycomb panel will play an important role.

Aluminum honeycomb panels, as important light weight materials, have been applied in train for long time. Its use is quite extensive. Aluminum honeycomb panel can be created a complex shape and its manufacturing tolerances and appearance quality can meet the requirements. Now, aluminum honeycomb panel is not only applied for partition, door, ceiling wall inside the train, but also used for luggage rack. 

Solar energy, as a clean new energy, is the focus of the development of China's seven new industries. Due to its light weight, high strength, excellent bending stiffness, high surface flatness, high temperature stability, aluminum honeycomb panel in the field of solar energy is playing an increasing role. Especially in the new solar energy products, aluminum honeycomb panel become one of indispensable materials as it is easy to shape but not easily deformed, and it  not only can be made into flat panel, but also can be made into a hyperbolic, simple curved panel. 

In Petrochemical industry, aluminum honeycomb panel, mainly as the floating roof, is used in the large oil tanks. Because of the advantages of safe, stable, easy installation, fully contact, high sealing efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, petrochemical enterprises in the world prefer to adopt aluminum honeycomb panel as inner floating roof of the oil tank.


Laser television is achieved by laser projector and special metal curtain. The current manufacturers are mainly using a blue single laser light source to transmit the screen, and then through the screen to the image. Because the screen material is special and it can reflect off only the light source from the laser. So in a high brightness environment, it can show a good picture. Aluminum honeycomb panel, due to its high flatness, is the material for metal screen.