Aluminum honeycomb panels for canopy

Aluminum honeycomb panels for canopy

Aluminum honeycomb panel with pvdf coating is an idea material for canopy.

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Aluminum honeycomb panels for canopy

Due to its excellent property of light weight and impact resistance, aluminum honeycomb panel is one of best material for canopy.


Aluminum honeycomb panels for canopy with PVDF coating achieve long durable, rain self-clearing and silencer function. It is an idea material for residential, villas, elevator apartments, office buildings. 

Aluminum honeycomb panels for canopy Features:


One of the primary reasons for utilizing aluminum honeycomb panels is that they exhibit excellent strength-to-weight ratios compared to traditional construction materials.  


The ability to configure panels with different materials allows us to create much stronger panels than one can achieve with solid structures.  The skill, however, is in analyzing all of the material choices for meeting your specifications and then selecting those that will provide the most functionality at the lowest cost.  

Fire Resistance

Most flammability ratings and building codes can be easily met with some combination of materials. 

Thermal Control 

Most aluminum honeycomb panels have excellent insulation properties simply due to the nature in which they are designed. Since both honeycomb and foam cores trap air between the skins, they are inherently insulating to some degree.  

Sound Control 

While we do not specialize in acoustical panels, we are happy to incorporate any type of sound deadening specifications into the composite panels that we design. 

Impact Resistance 

Impact resistance can be accounted for by adjusting the honeycomb cell size, utilizing different core materials and skins, or adding thickness to the surface material and/or core.  

Moisture Resistance 

All types of aluminum and plastic honeycomb cores can be used to improve water and moisture resistance, but RFP surface materials can also do the job for many applications.  

Corrosion Resistance 

Not only can we utilize different core and surface materials to achieve resistance to weather and chemicals, but coatings can be applied for added security. 

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