Aluminium Honeycomb Core Blocks

Aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight core material offering excellent strength and good corrosion resistance for industrial applications at low cost. It is usually made from 3003 or 5052 aluminum alloy foil.

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Aluminum Honeycomb core blocks

Huarui  aluminum honeycomb core  blocks are adhesively-bonded of the aluminum foil, which produces one of the highest strength/weight and the highest surface-to –volume ratio of any structural material. Our aluminum honeycomb core blocks are made from 3003H18 and 5052H18 aluminum alloy foil.

Huarui is the largest scale manufacturer in aluminum honeycomb core blocks in Southern China and is selling aluminum honeycomb blocks to dealers and looking for agents in all areas to expand this product on mutual benefit basis. 

Aluminum honeycomb  blocks are usually with 520mm width. Customers can cut to different thickness per their specification.

Honeycomb structure:



Aluminum honeycomb specifications:


Aluminum honeycomb features:

1.Lightweight & Strong

2.Excellent thermal and electric conductivity

3.Good sound insulation performance

4.Fire resistant

5.Fungus resistant

6.Moisture and corrosion resistant

7.High compression & shear strength

Aluminum honeycomb applications:

1.Aircraft panels and Lightweight Train Panels/Truck Panels

2.Marine Panels (Commercial vessels and naval vessel bulkheads)

3.And Railcar panels (Doors/Floors and Energy Absorbers/Bumpers)

4.Architectural/Building structural panels (Exterior architectural curtain wall panels)

5.Honeycomb table of Industrial equipment (Sacrificial Laser beds and Tables for laser cutting application)

6.Skis and snowboards

7.Flow straightness for air or fluids/ Air, water, fluid, and light directionalization

8.Heat exchanging/ heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment and devices

9.RFI/EMC Shielded Vents (Electronic shielding enclosures)

10.Light collimation/ lighting/Illumination Separator

11.Honeycomb Energy Absorbers/ Energy absorption protective structures

12.Laminar Air Flow units/Air Ventilation and purification

13.Sandwich Panels/Honeycomb Composite Panels, Wall ceiling and partition panels

14.Clean Room Panels

15.Acoustic attenuation

16.Electronic Whiteboard

17.Catalytic Converter

18.Honeycomb Grid for Photography Application

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