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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Market: Demand For Wide Application
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Inspired by the honeycomb, honeycomb structure resistance to extrusion pressure, much higher than any round or square, aluminum honeycomb honeycomb structure material available. Aluminum honeycomb panels are not only outstanding performance in large scale and flatness, and shape, surface treatment, color, installation systems have a multitude of options. In recent years, was welcomed in the market.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has good performance and advantages. Than anti-bent stiffness big, and than bent strength high, which light high strength; flat degrees very good, can meet building curtain wall maximum separated of requirements, with at least of building component reached best of building performance effect; diverse of surface processing can for select; fire performance better; has good of sucking sound, and noise, and insulation, and earthquake, function; environmental sex good, can 100% cycle recycling using. Aluminum honeycomb panel is selected and the Panel the back panel plate of the same material, surface by anodizing treatment, exposure to air should be coated protective coatings, coating material for polyester, epoxy, acrylic and other materials, in case of long-term exposure in the air caused by corrosion of the aluminum plate.

Aluminum honeycomb composite material is a kind of new material for civilian use in recent years, previously limited to military fields. Because of its lightweight, fire protection, sound insulation, corrosion, and it can save a lot of aluminum, stone, was hailed as a revolution in the materials industry. The past five years, aluminum honeycomb composite material production in our country has maintained an average growth rate of 22%, in recent years, domestic enterprises in technology innovation, the first 2000 mm wide specifications of aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel production line has started showing a good momentum of development.