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Advantages Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
- Aug 23, 2016 -

On environmental requirements is strict of modern furniture industry for, with aluminum cellular Board to do furniture of processing material, is new century a is good of material select, its completely nontoxic of green quality, let furniture business in processing furniture Shi, less has not necessary of environmental program; addition, aluminum cellular Board Panel can diversification truthfully wood, aluminum Board, gypsum board, natural marble material, are can made cellular Board, material select convenient.

Aluminum honeycomb panel partition: emergence of aluminum honeycomb panels cut off, breaking the traditional partition mode, with its elegant, fresh, stylish style, winning, high-end office space in market share.

(1) fire: aluminum non-combustible materials.

(2) corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb panel is surface treated with epoxy fluorocarbon treatment, with good corrosion resistance. Salt fog spray 48 hours with no pinholes, cracks, still.

(3) environmental protection: honeycomb panel is made of pure aluminum products, without any harmful volatile gases, no radiation and can be fully recycled, and completely eco-friendly products.

(4) aluminum honeycomb panels assembled easily removed without causing damage of plates. Due to its light weight, easy to transport solid can be transported to different places for repeated use. This is other partition plate cannot be matched.