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Widespread Market Concern Honeycomb Panel
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Honeycomb is made of two pieces of thin panels, adhesive on both sides of a thick layer of honeycomb core materials made of sheet metal. It has a light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, high gloss, is receiving market favorite.

Honeycomb panels are characterized by strength to weight ratio, average strength, high pressure, low thermal conductivity, good resistance, light weight, noise effects, does not absorb water, and performance stability over a wide temperature range.

Aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used in various fields, honeycomb core materials using PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene), processed bonding hexagonal, rounded hollow (honeycomb) block of core material. Commonly used panels for PC, PMMA, PETG etc. Suitable adhesive must be used with the core material of the Panel firmly glued together, to show excellent characteristics of honeycomb panels, which has high strength, thermal conductivity and seismic and other functions.

Each material has a different focus, honeycomb panels: buffer honeycomb honeycomb panels and packaging. Due to its special structure, can improve the compressive strength, plastic honeycomb panels to reduce costs. Honeycomb panel aperture is generally divided into: (round) 6mm,8mm; (hexagonal) 3.6MM, 6MM, 8MM, PC honeycomb core 8MM:07KG/1 meters. Plastic honeycomb panels can produce billboards, suspended ceiling, decorative boards, light boxes, and so on. Plastic honeycomb panels were developed this year of saving resources, protecting the ecological environment, a new type of low cost green decoration materials, it has a light, strong, stable and heat insulation and many other advantages.