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The Various Characteristics Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Aluminum honeycomb panel is by consumers of building materials. Its production processes to a higher, not only the application of advanced techniques and technologies, but also to ensure its strength, gloss, smoothness, and his resistance to corrosion. But also to insulation. Today to introduce the characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panels.

Aluminum cellular Board Center for aluminum Quality Hexagon cellular, density small (each square meters about for 3~7 kg), is with thickness with area wood weight of 1/5, glass of 1/6, and aluminum material of 1/7, greatly reduced building load and cost, due to middle sandwich containing large air, can noise (air across sound volume can up 30dB), and insulation (hot resistance can up 0.02 (square meters? K/W)), no can burning material, fire grade reached B1 level, waterproof, and moisture, and no harmful gas release, units quality of than strength big, and than stiffness high (structure stiffness for rib type of 1.7 times times), easily deformation, completely overcome has other decorative Board in single block area big Shi of deformation, and middle collapse, shortcomings processing application convenient, can any cutting folding side, surface fluoride carbon coating can insurance products life in 30 years above, aluminum cellular Board surface has very high of flat degrees, seismic performance good, only for glass curtain wall share of one-eighth ; 22mm standard 1 m simply supported, deflection 10MM loads of up to 700 kg or more.

Surface has a very high flatness of aluminum honeycomb panels, made of high quality aluminum plates, seismic performance, only specific gravity of glass curtain wall one-eighth; 22mm standard 1 m simply supported, deflection 10MM loads of up to 700 kg or more. Surface of highly corrosion-resistant fluorocarbon resin after processing, so that it can be applied to building curtain wall, roof, large facade signs and wall decorations, aluminum honeycomb panel with its light weight, high strength, high rigidity and many other advantages, has been widely used in building external wall decoration.

Aluminum honeycomb panels light weight, weighing only 6 kg/m². Mutual connection of cellular core on as countless a beam, core layer distribution fixed in whole Board surface within, easily produced shear, makes plate more stable, more anti-bent flexible and anti-pressure, its anti-wind pressure greatly beyond Yu aluminum plastic Board and aluminum single board, and has easily deformation, straight degrees good of features, even cellular Board size is big, also can reached very high of straight degrees due to cellular composite Board within of cellular core separated into many a closed small room, block has air flow, makes heat and Sonic by great hinder, so, up to insulation, and insulation, and noise of effect.