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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels What Are The Requirements For Core Materials
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Aluminum honeycomb panels as a popular building material by the majority of the user's favorite. Aluminum honeycomb by honeycomb core and floor with suppressed by high temperature, has high strength and aesthetic appeal. Aluminum honeycomb panels not only for the selection of aluminum have certain requirements, requirements for core material are also very high, aluminum honeycomb core materials have any requests?

Honeycomb panel production and ultimately, aluminum honeycomb core. Main factors influencing the performance of honeycomb core materials include aluminum foil, plastic honeycomb core specifications such as the node parameter. Aluminum honeycomb core specification is made up of aluminium foil honeycomb hole lattice thickness and size to determine the different specifications of aluminum honeycomb with different densities and different mechanical properties, there are large differences in cost. Honeycomb honeycomb hole lattice inscribed circle diameter specifications can be used (in English units) and foil thickness/hole lattice side length (metric units) in two ways, China's national standard is to foil thickness/hole lattice sides to express.

Strength of honeycomb core of rigorous testing and evaluation, and joint strength of data should be ≥ 2.0N/mm. Node rubber modified high temperature curing epoxy adhesive should be used, and not only does it provide sufficient adhesive strength with excellent resistance to environment and resistance to high and low temperature performance. Universal adhesive strength tends to make honeycomb core, and cause overall failure.

Selection of aluminum honeycomb panels decorative panels are also very important, the material is generally used brands such as 3003, 5005, 1100 sheet of low alloy composition used. Decorative surface spraying or roller coated, coated with polyester or fluorocarbon, best selection of spraying wall panel boards, and requires more than The paint thickness ≥ 40 μ m, so as to ensure the durability of the coating.

Aluminum honeycomb panels in order to meet the national quality requirement, all aluminum honeycomb panels are subject to strict control, especially the aluminum plate and aluminum honeycomb core.