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Sound-absorbing Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Is How To Use Noise-absorbing
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Aluminum honeycomb panels as building materials of the now very popular, many of its features, and sound-absorbing insulation effect is more important, now the production of aluminum honeycomb panel can meet the requirements of efficient sound absorption. Suitable for the age of noise demanding high-end buildings. Following talk about sound-absorbing aluminum honeycomb panels.

Now sound-absorbing aluminum honeycomb panel has been applied in the high requirement for sound-absorbing construction, sound-absorbing aluminum honeycomb panels and other sound-absorbing materials such as paper, glass fiber cotton and other functions together, bring into play their respective advantages, you can get better sound-absorbing effect. By aluminum perforation Board, and cellular and the imports sucking sound paper combination and into of sucking sound board by three species different material sucking sound characteristics of effect, each species material are has their unique of variable of sucking sound effect, change combination way and the material itself of density, and height and the other parameter can get different degree, and dozens of species performance different of combination effect, can reached on different frequency of sucking sound effect. When in actual use, depending on indoor environment and sound requires a different frequency of sound absorption coefficient to select different combinations of materials and installation modes to achieve different sound effects.

Sound-absorbing honeycomb panels manufacture different perforation rate of finished products can be designed to meet the acoustic requirements, and can be manufactured at design was shaped into a variety of surface and special. Honeycomb panel with sufficient rigidity and vibration in the sound field is small, only about single board one-sixth, you can greatly reduce the noise caused by the resonance.