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Honeycomb Panels Increasing Areas Of Application
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Honeycomb panels dawn and can only be applied to high-end sectors such as aerospace, along with the technology development, cost reduction, honeycomb panels application area of rapid expansion after more than 10 years of development, our honeycomb products across various fields.

Multiply growth in honeycomb panel

11 years ago, aluminum honeycomb material used in aerospace, rail and other areas, because of its high price, difficult to scope of application. After more than 10 years of development, honeycomb product inhibitor has been civil, and marketing.

Especially in the post-SARS, welcome an opportunity of aluminum honeycomb material, many companies started doing clean room, all parts needed a lot of cleaning products, to meet the requirements of aluminium honeycomb composite material. Take this from the previous single curtain wall of aluminum honeycomb material material begins to shift to a multi purpose.

Statistics show that nearly five years of aluminum honeycomb composite material production has maintained an average growth rate of 22% 2009 aluminum honeycomb composite industry market size exceed 35.5 million square meters, the same year exceed 10 million square meters of aluminum honeycomb composite panel products, has become one of China's strategic emerging industries. Almost every month, we find a new field of application of honeycomb panels, can say almost all areas in need of material can use it.

Aluminum honeycomb composite applications within the next 10 years will be enlarged, its application field is used primarily by the decorative gradually extended to transport, mechanical, electrical and other industries.