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New Honeycomb Structure And Characteristics
- Aug 23, 2016 -

In the field of architecture, honeycomb panels demand has reached an unprecedented height. Green energy-saving material has also been a new round of development. Aluminum honeycomb panels recently appeared coextruded door and window became one of the new varieties of green energy-saving doors and Windows.

Building doors and Windows of the 49% per cent of total energy consumption of the building maintenance and structure of energy consumption, improving thermal insulating properties of doors and Windows is to ensure that the main approach to building energy consumption. So, how to choose a door, are architects in the design of doors and Windows application concerns.

Experts tell us that architects design applications, consider the following five main areas: one is in line with the design standard for energy efficiency, the second is safe and durable, three is the fashion aesthetic appearance, four are economical, five technical innovation.

Aluminum honeycomb panels coextruded door and window is the design and application of the best products, in line with the direction of architectural Windows and doors industry focuses on the development and diffusion of technologies in China.

Shanghai jixiang building materials group is a collection of research, development, production and marketing of new energy-saving honeycomb panels of high-tech enterprises. Products for new low-carbon energy-saving and environmental protection of aluminum honeycomb panel Extrusion grade special profiles for doors and Windows. Is a famous manufacturer of cellular plates, aluminum veneer.