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History Of Development Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Aluminum honeycomb panel is an important product of the honeycomb panels, its excellent quality won widespread recognition in the market. However, aluminum honeycomb panel's history a lot of people do not know, here we mention just briefly.

In 1943, the British first aluminum bonding technology was applied to the aircraft structure, thus creating the metal bonding technology. Early 50 's of the last century, Americans invented cement sandwich structure, which is often called "sandwich" structure, and successfully applied to the aircraft structure. 1956 Americans invented the aluminum panels with aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, F-111 and F-14 use on planes with plane surface area with a total area of 70%, and is the main force on the surface.

China is in the middle of the last century 60 has several well-known aircraft manufacturers took the lead in the application of aluminum honeycomb panels gluing technology to the aircraft structure. United States in the early 70 's the application of aluminum honeycomb panels gluing technology used in civilian areas, especially in the construction and decoration industries. Aluminium honeycomb bonded technology applied in China building decoration industry, was in the early 90 's of the last century, imported and domestic aviation technology "military conversion" developed.